To be a good Inventory Manager is not only to well arrange everything but also to make accurate prediction of supply and demand. To get that, it is important to manage all the information on poor performance SKUs or plants. Access all those with a laptop, a web browser or just a mobile app.

The client was a retail chain stores. With BI, client is able to monitor lively their performance at any filter level they want Gaining quick insights of strong and weak products, stores, inventories,… is the key to help them to make prompt decision on marketing, sales or distribution strategies.

The logistic department from a manufacturing company want to effectively control their shipment. They are now able to access not only their performance but also the details and warnings of orders becoming expired, and even related financial information, thanks to BI.

Are you running a Customer Care Service? Or hosting a talk-show? Get an overview, get insights of what everyone is talking about, how they feel or how frequent they speak is the key to measure performance and make decision.

Instead of qualitative test, individual monitoring or survey, let the Analytic Dashboard does such things for you.